2823 – Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 horizontal shear

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The  Bonfiglioli  Squalo 1000 mobile incline shear is perfect for both scrap yards and construction sites.  It can process any kind of mixed light to medium scrap metal.

What makes the Squalo so good?

  • It’s a fully mobile scrap shear and easily transported using its unique roll-on/roll-off system
  • No foundation or civil works are needed
  • It takes up minimum footprint
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to operate
  • It’s light to transport
  • There’s no need for special permits
  • It handles between 9 and 11 metric tons of metal per hour – depending on material type, quality and operator

All in all the Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 is  mobile incline shear which is extremely cost effective, versatile, takes up little room in your yard and might mean you don’t need to buy an expensive shear baler!


  • High density of processed sheared material is achieved by the powerful side compression of material prior to shearing
  • Cutting capacity of 200mm diameter and 175mm square (mild steel bar)
  • Fully automatic cycle – 1 cut every 42-45 seconds
  • 1 man operation – Load shear and load sheared processed material with the same machine. This offers the lowest running costs in the market in this category

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