2954 – Vecoplan 3 2000 Anno 2017 H 10 000






This single-shaft shredder of the series 2000 can handle a throughput capacity of up to 25 tonnes.
With the solid steel rotor and different rotor systems and rotor geometries, the best shredding efficiency is always achieved according to requirements. The output particle size can be changed by different screen perforations.

Patented HiTorc-Drive
■ Frequency-controlled powerful high torque motor
■ Variably adjustable speed range
■ Foreign object detection
■ Highly dynamic drive thanks to fast reversing and restarting
■ Synchronous motor as a direct drive without a mechanical drive train
■ Highest possible torque at low speed
■ Problem-free start-up phase, even with a full machine
■ Maintenance-free and wear-free
■ Virtually noiseless

W rotor
■ For maximum cutting performance and high throughput
■ Homogeneous output quality with minimum fine dust and little grain variance
■ Available with six rows of cutters (186 cutters)

VAZ screen
■ Pneumatic swing-away screen unit
■ Quick and safe exchangeability due to the front flap with a safety interlock
■ Adjustment of output particle size with optional different screen perforation

Bridge Breaker
■ Swings down depending to hydraulic material feed
■ Constant material feed also for large and bulky material guaranteed e.g. hollow parts, extrusion profiles, foam plates, film bales or packaging material Frequency-controlled ram
■ With infinitely adjustable speed ram
■ High throughput even with tricky or very light input materials

U rotor
■ Profiled with toothed counter knife
■ Depending on the size available with variable number of cutters from single number up to quadruple number of cutter

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