2700 – 5025BF Metal Baler

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An affordable Metal Baler, Powerful enough to match the performance of much larger machines.

The 5025 BigFoot Metal Baler offers more power and more shear force than any other baler in its class. The large lid has a shear force of 76 tonnes which, when coupled with a main ram compression force of 80 tonnes, enables the 5025BF to handle a wide variety of ferrous and non ferrous metals extremely efficiently. There are cutting blades on all three sides of the loading box so that oversized sheets and sections can be handled with ease. This machine is manually operated and runs from twin 15hp motors and is able to produce a 505mm x 254mmm x variable bale (20″ x 10″).

The Big Foot metal baler is a rugged and reliable machine which will be the mainstay of your operation for many years to come and could eliminate the need for other expensive cutting equipment.

Machine dimensions: 4090 x 1550mm x 1950mm 161” x 61” x 76”
Chamber opening: 1016mm x 507mm (40” x 20”) L x W
Loading height: 860mm / (40")
Bale Size: 507mm x 254mm x Variable (20” x 10”) x variable
Weight with oil: 5660kg
Oil capacity: 700 Litres / 55 Gallon
Noise Level: 78 +/- 3dBA
Control: Manual Control
Standard Electrical
Requirements: 2 x 11kW (2 x 15hp)
Power Rating: 63A / 3ph / 380-415v / 50Hz
Motor speed: Approx. 960 rpm
Max system Pressure: 2250 psi / 155 Bar
Max Compression Force: 80 Tonnes
Max Lid Shear Force: 123 Tonnes



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