2733 – Alligator Shear 320

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This popular McIntyre 320 scrap shear won’t let you down.  The McIntyre 320 shear has been the industry standard for years.  Giving you strength, quality and reliability, the first ones came out in the 70s and many are still in operation today

The McIntyre 320 scrap shear has 320mm, 12.5″ inch, blades and is powerful enough to deal with a wide range of your cutting and cleaning operations.  It will handle; automotive scrap, whole gear boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, oversized gate valves, all the usual non ferrous metals separations and other materials such as plastic and rubber.  The 320 can also cut ferrous metals and has a cutting capacity of 50mm, 2 inches of mild steel round bar.

A moveable foot pedal opens and closes the jaws.  Keeping your foot on the pedal will give you a continuous cutting action.  Take your foot off the pedal and the cutting blades return to the open position.



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