2402 – TRITONE 1800 Shredder







  • Single shaft shredder with rotor length 1800 mm ~
  • Larger rotor diameter for a better grip on the material with dimension (blades included) of 600 mm ~
  • 160 kw electric motor 50 hz
  • Rotor speed 30 RPM ~ with variable speed thanks to the inverter in the electrical panel.
  • Sturdy structure with certified materials for a total weight of 19 Tons ~
  • Overall dimensions - 4029 X 5286 X 3031 mm
  • Cutting blades 80 x 80 mm
  • N ° 38 movable blades with supports welded on the rotor
  • N ° 40 fixed blades
  • Each blade has 4 processing sides, which allow it to be rotated 4 times before completely changing it. This also includes fixed blades, a solution created by OMER ECOLOGY to reduce maintenance costs. OMER ECOLOGY brand gearbox created directly in the company with CE certified materials and processes Screening grid with holes Ø 100 mm (or to be defined)
  • The machine is equipped with a radius pusher, hydraulic and variable speed and programmable by PLC.
  • The machine is equipped with a SIEMENS PLC.
  • Standard inverter schneider brand increased for motors with a maximum of 160kw
  • The machine opens both front and rear manually to allow operators to clean and change the blades quickly and conveniently.
  • Construction year 2016



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